Badminton Tournament – Second Round

The co-ordination committee is declaring the following people will be playing badminton next Sunday, 25 March 2012.

Men’s Single:
Ø Team 1 – Madhu Pokrel & Bhanu Limbu (Quarter Final)

Ø Team 2 – Praneel Pradhan & Sunil Bhandari (Pre-quarter Final).The winner will play with Shive Newpane in Quarter Final.
Ø Team 3 – Gam Gurung & Suman Shrestha (Quarter Final)
Ø Team 4 – Jog Limbu & Winner of Team 3 (Semi Final)
After consultation with the players (Men’s Single) it is decided that the Men’s Single (Semi Final and Final) matches will be played next week.

Men’s Double:
Ø (Madhu Pokrel & Jog Limbu) and (Suresh Hada & Gajendra) (Semi Final)

Ø (Basker Amatya & Shiva Newpane) and (Suman Shrestha  & Praneel Pradhan) (Semi Final)
Women’s Single:
Ø Hashim Prasai Thapa & Suman Kharka (Final)

Women’s Double:
Ø (Dambari Yonzon & Aarya Pokhrel) & (Sweta Panta & Jyotika Hada) (Final)

Mixed Double:
The following people, who played in the quarter finals in the Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles, are eligible to participate in the mixed doubles.

Ø Men’s – Madhu Pokrel, Bhanu Limbu, Gam Gurung, Suman Shrestha , Jog Limbu & Shiva Newpane.
There was a mistake in the last declaration. The winner of the Pre-quarter Final between Praneel Pradhan & Sunil Bhandari will qualify for the mixed doubles.

Sunil Lama is unable to play due to prior commitments. The co-ordination committee has decided to arrange the matches between:
- Runner up of Pre-quarter Final (Praneel Pradhan & Sunil Bhandari)
- Bhasker Amatya
- Gajendra Shrestha
- Suresh Hada
This will be a straight knock out match (best of one) between the above players. The winner will be eligible for mixed doubles.
Ø Women’s – Dambari Yonzon, Aarya Pokhrel, Sweta Panta, Jyotika Hada, Hashim Prasai Thapa, Suman Kharka, Rita Joshi & Sharda Newpane
The pair will be selected randomly through lottery on Sunday, 25 March 2012.
Vermont South Sport Link (Ph: 03 9847 7111

2 Hanover Rd, Vermont South
Mel Way Ref 62G7.
Day & Time:
Sunday, 25 March 2012

10:30am – 3:00pm
All participants are requested to come on time.
It has been decided that a re-entry fee ($15 per player) will be collected prior to entry as there isn’t sufficient funds to book the courts. The lunch (chura, masu, aalu ko achar, mix vegetable, drinks) will be provided ($10/plate). NAV would like to give thanks to all sponsors for the above food items.

Dear Co-ordinators;
Please advise all participants in your respective suburbs about the forthcoming badminton matches on Sunday.

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